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For customer, we commitment to you, we have always service wholeheartedly for you, and strive to be your best, stable and reliable supply parter. 
speed controller
Raw Material - Cu
        We control the quality from the raw material. 59# Cu are waiting for blanking, and waiting for becoming to the beautiful connectors which will work well in the pneumatic system.
Plastic Material
Material for the plastic products. PU, PA, PE tube are all produced with the new and pure material, also for the plastic body of the fittings, we adopt all new material.
CNC Machine
CNC machines, with our adept technical workers, then can produce the thread standard, and control the quality of the products during the productive process.
 Plastic Extruding Mahines
We have over 10pcs plastic extruding machines, for PU, PA, PE and machines for braided tube. The orders on the tube, can offer OEM service.
Testing Machine for fittings
The fittings are used for auto machines, air leakage test and pressure maintaining test are very important. we made 5 test machines to test the fittings one by one. For example, the MNSE we test throught the half-finished products, due to its  function of speed-regulating. 
Testing Machine for Tubings
About the tubings which are also important part for industrial automation. We not only control the material, but also do the testing to guarantee the quality of the tubings are  excellent quality. 
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2019 PTC
we take participate in PTC Shanghai
100% test for metal pneumatic fittings
100% test for metal pneumatic fittings
It's the middle of 2019, expanding pneumatic fittings sales is our goal
It's the middle of 2019, expanding pneumatic fittings sales is our goal
After the Chinese new year, production for pneumatic fittings continues.
After the Chinese new year, production for pneumatic fittings continues. About the stainless steel fittings, they are also available
pneumatic fittings are ready for the fair
Take some items from customers' orders, and make sure they are popular and representative

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