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UC pu polyurethane 6*4mm coiled tubing

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UC pu 6*4mm coiled tubing. Different colors with different size available.
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UC pu 6*4mm coiled tubing


Used for industrial rotots and pneumatic piping

Used for various applications by functions.


Reasonable price

Suitable for low temperature

Higher flexibility


Fluid Air (No other gases or liquids)
Working Pressure Range 0~150PSI 0~9Kgf/c㎡(0~900kPa)
Negative Pressure –29.5in Hg –750mmHg(10Torr)
Temperature Range 32-140℉ 0~60℃

Common Precautions of Tube Series

Never fail applications other than air


1. Never use for applications other than air

Using other applications other than air, it causes water leakage by breakage or crack of tube from chemical reaction.

2. Installing the tube near heater, it causes exposition of tube from heat.

3. Scarring the tube with a gimlet or a pin, it cause brakage of tube.

4. Twisting, screwing or bending the tube, it causes breakage or leakage of air.

5. Never use tube in a place of rising spatter.





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